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Lardo Burgers
All burgers are 1/3 lb. 100% ground chuck beef patties, served on a toasted sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion.
Served with Lardo Fries, Buffalo Fries or tots. Substitute green salad, soup, onion rings, mashed potatoes, or cottage cheese for $1.49.
Load your Fries for $3.29.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Double Shot $11.49 each
A burger for the famished soul with two big patties of meat, Canadian bacon, cheese, and mushrooms.

Sockeye Salmon Burger $14.99 each
Wild caught sockeye salmon filet grilled with garlic butter served on a sesame seed bun with tartar sauce and lemon on the side.

Guacamole Burger $11.49 each
Charbroiled burger with American cheese, guacamole, and a pepperoncini.

Canadian Bacon Burger $10.19 each
Canadian bacon, American cheese, and mushrooms. We like it best!

Chili Burger $11.49 each
Served open-faced with Lardo's homemade chili, cheese, and chopped onions.

Ham & Burger $10.19 each
Smoked ham, Swiss cheese, sweet 'n' sour sauce, topped with pineapple.

Cajun Burger $10.89 each
Smothered in Cajun seasoning, topped with roasted peppers, onions, and blue cheese. A spicy treat.

"Real Bacon Burger" $10.19 each
Yes, real strip bacon with cheese.

Sauteed Mushroom Burger $9.99 each
Lightly sauteed mushrooms with Swiss make for an "Mmm Good" burger.

Cheese Burger $9.69 each
Served with choice of American, cheddar, Swiss, blue cheese, or pepper jack.

Hot 'n' Nasty Burger $9.39 each
Smothered with salsa.

Sauteed Onion Burger $9.39 each
Sauteed Onions simmering on top of a sumptuous burger.

Sweet 'n' Sour Burger $9.49 each
A thick sweet 'n' sour sauce covering a plump, juicy patty of meat.

Patty Melt $10.29 each
Patty on roasted rye bread with Swiss cheese and sauteed onions.

Jalapeno Burger $9.99 each
"Hot" jalapeno peppers on a burger with melted Swiss cheese. Ole!

Ranch Hand Burger $9.99 each
A hearty burger with fried egg and Canadian bacon, smothered in salsa.

Horseradish Burger $9.39 each
A burger smothered with horseradish sauce. Guaranteed to make your eyes water.

Creamy Mushroom Burger $9.59 each
A super burger, smothered in a cold creamy sauce bursting with mushrooms.

Bar-B-Q Burger $9.99 each
Grilled burger basted nicely with our own sauce, cheese, and onions.

Plain Burger $9.09 each
Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.